Windows Registry Recovery for Windows 10


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Windows Registry Recovery is a free software created by MiTeC. Allows you to view and read various system log files. It has a simple editor and viewer registry, and various branches of the registry can be exported into REGEDIT4 format. However, other data can be saved in CSV format. The program will find different sections through which we access files from different programs in windows, will read important information about open files, system registry, etc. Keep in mind that you can not open the file using a program that is currently in use. Windows Registry Recovery offers, among other things: - to extract information about the system log file, - input parameters and information about the different security SID, SACL, etc., - mining accounts and settings from Outlook Express and other email applications - Display the shell folder - display settings (rules) with the Windows Firewall - read all installed network protocols and services, - reads all installed applications that start at boot - displays the name of the base components are installed on your computer (CPU, video card and sound and network cards ) - displays basic file properties and checksums.